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who we are


Manifesto١٣ was founded in Kuwait in 2014. It is Kuwait’s first art-based alternative ‘unschool.’ 

At Manifesto١٣, we don’t aim to condition and compete, we aim to question, introspect, and compassionately co-create—we learn to look outside the box. We focus on understanding that the process of creativity is more essential than the result. 

Through art, we explore social and environmental issues and guide students towards asking crucial questions. We focus on exploring art history, theory, and technique in a communal environment built around trust. 

Post Pandemic Update:

Our Kuwait studio had to close it's doors in 2021 and now we are nomads.  Our first pop-up will be at The Arbor School Dubai. We will be holding courses on their beautiful campus from January to June 2022! Stay tuned for more!

our manifesto

you are never finished.

your practice should always evolve.

art is not prescribed, it’s explored. 

don’t aspire to be famous.

get your hands dirty.

don’t erase.

start over.

don’t copy artists, learn from their journey.

find your voice. discover your inner self.

connect. collaborate.

be present.

ask questions.

share your space. 

share your knowledge.

give back to society.

art should be critiqued, not judged.

don't restrict art to galleries.

mobilize generations through art.

promote art education in schools.

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