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Dalal Al-Nafisi

I am an Alumni of Rhode Island School of Design, Design Institute of San Diego and a graduate of the American Int. University of London. 

In 2014, I decided to end my professional career as an Interior Architect and launched Manifesto13, an art studio that aims to bring together Art education (history, theory, and practice ) & Social Awareness.  The driving force behind establishing this studio was my my daughter Lulwa.

I had a growing dissatisfaction with the state of art education in our private and public schools in Kuwait and witnessed the undermining of creative youth who get lost in a result based system. I understood the importance of nurturing creativity and harnessing confidence through self expression and exploration. I wanted to create a place for children to unlearn. 

From founding Manifesto13 (2014) I was a facilitator and sole curriculum builder at Manifesto13. I was overseeing 40+ students enrolled in our various courses and workshops, including a 6 level Art Foundation program for kids.  Besides myself, the studio was home to a diverse community of art facilitators and hosted classes by visiting artists from around the world. 

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