join a universe in

the making...



you are never finished.

your practice should always evolve.

don’t aspire to be famous.

                         get ink in your hands.

don’t erase. work with artists in your community.

show them your art.                          make art education accessible.

be present. share your space. teach to enhance your practice.

art can move a society.

commit to a course. learn a new skill.

                              start over.

don’t copy artists, learn from them.

artist is not restricted to galleries.

humans,                   beauty is all around us. give back to society.

art can move generations. humans can thrive in an artistic environment.


schools do not pay attention to art.

it’s ok if you don’t get it.

discover your inner self.

be an artist.


find your voice.


art is not prescribed, it’s explored.

art should be critiqued, not judged.